MEF-Audit has joined the international audit network PKF International

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Ehktibar Mustafaev’s interview about joining PKF International


PKF International is a globally renowned audit network; it ranks 15th in the 2016 International Accounting Bulletin. According to this respected publication, the income from the core activities of the PKF network companies amounted to more than $ 1 billion in 2016, and its growth rate was 3%.

MEF-AUDIT representatives took part in Russia-China TransRegional Cooperation Conference


MEF-Audit Auditing and Consulting Group representatives took part in “Russia-China TransRegional Cooperation Prospects” conference involving representatives of Sanhe City, located in Hebei province of China. The staff of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, regional authorities and business representatives of China and Russia discussed key areas of practical investment cooperation in a face-to-face dialog.

MEF-Audit is included in the list of companies tasked with organizing privatizatation


The government has approved the new list of legal entities tasked with organizing sale of assets on behalf of the Russian Federation, it follows from the 14 July 2017 directive published on the official legal information website

MEF-Audit has joined the international audit network PKF International


Russian audit company "MEF-Audit" has joined the international audit network PKF International. As a result of negotiations and quality control conducted at the JSC MEF-Audit, Operating License Agreement was signed.

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Китайцы хотят платить по-французски

Как стало известно “Ъ”, КНР просит Россию снизить налог на дивиденды для китайских участников проекта «Ямал СПГ». Исходя из действующих соглашений, китайские CNPC и SRF должны платить по ставке 10%, тогда как другой иностранный участник ...

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Футбольный ЦСКА вышел на прибыль впервые с 2009 года

Футбольный клуб ЦСКА в 2016 году стал прибыльным после шести лет убытков, следует из отчетности материнской компании клуба Bluecastle Enterprises. Это следствие достройки собственного стадиона и выгодной продажи игроков

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