Main Company Partner Network

Partner Network Operating Principles

MEF-Audit has a network of branches, subsidiaries and partners offering auditing, consulting and appraisal services. MEF-Audit approves and applies uniform standards and methods of audit, consulting and appraisal including internal corporate management standards binding for all partners in the network.

These standards go through regular quality control procedures by the parent company according to Russian legal requirements and ISO 9001 quality management standard.

The main goals for developing MEF-Audit’s partnership network are joint achievement of high service quality and maximum satisfaction of all clients' requirements. Our main advantage is the availability and strict compliance with uniform business principles and a value system based on mutual trust, respect and professionalism.

We strive to make the business of our partners successful and ensure its sustainable growth and development.

Strategic Partnership Principles:

  • compliance with internal corporate management standards;
  • centralized quality control of auditing, consulting and appraisal services by MEF-Audit, the parent organization of the ’s partner network;
  • approved uniform and unified audit methods and techniques for quality control of auditing, consulting and appraisal services;
  • support of participation in competitions and tenders for all the partners inside the network;
  • joint participation in audit, consulting and appraisal projects of all network partners under the leadership of MEF-Audit, the parent organization;
  • development of uniform and unified standards for developing audit procedures binding for all the network partners;
  • • uniform principles of HR management policies for partners approved by MEF-Audit, the network’s parent company.