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Dear Friends!

РLet me introduce MEF-Generation Charity Fund established by MEF-Audit and represented by me. Our Company has been in the market for 12 years and is known as a successful and dynamic auditing and consulting group with highly professional staff.

The main goal of our Fund is to improve health and reduce the mortality rate of children with cardiovascular diseases as well as to provide financial and other assistance to children without parental support, single mothers and low-income families.

MEF-Generation was officially registered on October 21, 2010, but its work started a lot earlier. We have already accomplished a great deal! In cooperation with Detskiye Serdtsa (Children's Hearts) Charity Fund, we have collected money for children with congenital heart and blood vessel defects, purchased medications and equipment, paid travel expenses and for treatment of children in special clinics, including the Heart and Diabetic Center of North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) and the Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Assistance to orphanages is another of our priorities. Nothing can replace parents' love and care but we are capable of making the lives of orphans more comfortable. We strive to provide orphanages not only with daily necessities but also with toys, fine clothes, computers – that is, all the things that may make it possible for ophans to feel as if they were ordinary kids growing up in a loving family.

МWe believe that our mutual goal is to find more people who are not indifferent to children’s fates. You may be one of such people. Let us do good things together.

Ekhtibar Mustafayev Chairman of the Board of Directors, MEF-Audit

With any questions regarding cooperation in the field of charity please contact Ms Olga Trusova, General Director of MEF-Generation.

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