How to get help?

If your kid needs help we will do our best to provide it. Please send the following documents by e-mail or fax to Ms Olga Trusova, General Director of MEF-Generation Charity Fund. You may also hand them over in person, provided that you make an appointment.

Please, take note of our requirements to the requested documents:

  • a letter from one of the parents (full name) to Ms Olga Trusova, General Director of MEF-Generation;
  • a photo of your child (color, good-quality amateur picture, 9×13 cm or 10×15 cm);
  • a medical report;
  • indications for surgery;
  • banking details of the medical establishment where the surgery will be performed;
  • parents’ income declaration (form 2-НДФЛ);
  • a copy of work service record if both parents are unemployed;
  • a copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • a copy of the first page and a page with permanent address from the mother's passport.

The letter should provide detailed information in a free format regarding the following:

  • Part 1: child’s history (name, date of birth).
  • Part 2: information regarding the medical condition: when it was diagnosed, what treatment methods were used, what surgeries were done, how the child’s health changed over that period, a description of complicated material conditions of the child (for single mothers and low-income families).
  • Part 3: explanation why the family cannot pay for the treatment (companies where the parents work, salary (in rubles), family members).
  • Part 4: indicate what help you would like to receive.

In your letter please include your address and contact phone number. Be sure to include the following statement at the end of the letter: “I do not object to the use of the information about my kid in the mass media”.