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Under Our Wardship

Children’s Home No. 12

19 Vasily Petrushkov Street, building 1, Moscow 125373

The Home for orphaned children and children without parental care was opened in 1998. It can house up to 60 children from three to eighteen years of age. The home currently has fifty children, most of them above age 14 . Many of the children have weak health and require medical attention.

The children attend kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities. The Home offers extracurricular activities (theatre class, regional history group, art club, tourist class, etc.) and a small swimming pool. The children are divided into 8 groups, and two to three children share a room. MEF-Generation has been helping Children’s Home No. 12 for six months. The charity funding was used to purchase Christmas gifts, clothes, personal hygiene items, computer equipment and software. Three of the children were examined at the Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery and at the Pediatrics Institute of Scientific Children’s Health Center under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

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The Ostashkov Orphanage

112 Stroiteley Street, Ostashkov, 172730, Tver Region

The orphanage was founded back in 1943. From 1943 to 1985, the orphanage was located at Bukhvostovo in the Ostashkov district. In 1986 the orphanage moved to a new building in the town of Ostashkov. The Orphanage gives home to 72 children aged 4 to 7 including thirty girls and forty two boys. These children have significant developmental deviations, so the local teachers primarily strive to restore their mental growth. The Orphanage's team includes 85 employees, 26 teachers, a doctor, a psychologist and 6 nurses.

The Charity Fund purchased children’s shoes and partially paid for the orphanage’s car pool repairs.

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Letter of Thanks from the Ostashkov Orphanage