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Dear journalists,

Audit and Consulting Group MEF-Audit is a team of professionals focused on governmental economic policies, state-business relations, investments, regional development, production efficiency, as well as tax and law.

We pursue a policy of transparency and strive to promptly respond to mass media requests.

We have a deep respect for what you do and we understand the specific nature of your work. The status of highly professional specialists in audit, appraisal and consulting enables my colleagues to offer expert support to leading Russian business mass media, newspapers, radio and TV companies on a continuous basis.

Should our opinion be of interest for you, feel free to contact me, Larisa Vikhlyaeva, Director for Public Relations, Audit and Consulting Group MEF-Audit. I will respond to your request as promptly as possible.

Larisa Vikhlyaeva,
Director for Public Relations

Phone: +7 (495) 988-15-15, ext. 124