Main Services


Yelena  Kuznetsova
Yelena Kuznetsova
Director of Auditing Service Department


Audit services for enterprises and organizations are the key focus of activities of our company. Auditing and Consulting Group “MEF-Audit” has developed and introduced an efficient internal control system for the quality of audit and associated services.

Dmitry  Trofimov
Dmitry Trofimov
Valuation Director


An independent valuation aims to determine the value of all corporate assets: real property, machinery and equipment, securities, warehouse stocks, investments and intellectual property.


Investment Design

Investment design is the development of an integrated financing strategy of a business unit or a company as a whole. It is based on a detailed analysis of the market situation, production and sales forecasts and capital structure. Investment design aims to answer the question: how attractive is a project in the current market conditions.


Consulting in State and Regional Administration

Regional development and management issues are becoming increasingly vital at the current stage of the economic reforms. Regions are characterized by a great diversity of business environments, living standards, and income and employment levels of the population. This trend will most likely continue in the nearest future with a gap between prosperous and backward regions getting wider, alas.

Victoria  Smirnova
Victoria Smirnova
Tax Director

Tax Consulting

Our experts provide consultancy services on tax calculations and payment, use of tax benefits, provision of written opinions on taxation-related matters, as well as on matters associated with implementation of legitimate rights and interests of participants in relationships governed by the laws on taxes and duties.

Legal Services

The company’s lawyers offer a wide range of services in the areas of taxation and administrative and civil law. Tax disputes are our main focus. We provide support at all stages of tax control and have successfully performed in over 100 legal cases associated with tax, civil and administrative disputes.

Igor  Lozovitskiy
Igor Lozovitskiy
IT Director

Management Technologies

Provision of Management consulting and IT servicesconsulting, as well as training of the customer’s executives and employees are the key department’s main lines of activities. Management consulting services covers strategic, operational and HR directionsareas. IT solutions for business support are among the most asked-for and well-known areas of the department’s activities and include the services of selection of IT solutions, corporate web-site upgrading, formalization of requirements to IT systems, preparation of automation technical assignments, and the customer’s personnel training in CMS DRUPOL.