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Crisis management

Crisis management with regard to an economic entity includes the following:

  • analysis of factors that caused the occurrence of a crisis;
  • development of general management mechanisms for critical situations;
  • constant monitoring of financial and economic condition of an enterprise;
  • development of protocols guaranteeing the integrity of information flows in an enterprise;
  • development of new management, financial and marketing strategies;
  • reduction of fixed and variable costs;
  • increase of labour efficiency;
  • attraction of the founders’ assets;
  • increased personnel motivation.

Crisis management services include:

  • development of a crisis strategy for an enterprise; 
  • development, implementation and support of crisis management programs;
  • complete diagnostics and analysis of the business;
  • assessment of risks incurred in the course of implementation of a crisis program and measures of risk mitigation;
  • support to crisis operations, including rehabilitation procedures.