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Tax Consulting

From the very beginning, tax consulting and tax disputes have been one of MEF-Audit’s primary activities.

The Company has a team of true professionals with successful consulting experience in taxation.

Our specialists provide consultations on calculation and payment of taxes, tax benefits, exercise of legitimate rights and interests of the participants of relations regulated by laws on taxes and fees. We perform tax and legal expert evaluation of projects, assess risks and provide a full range of tax services for Russian and foreign companies.

For over a decade, MEF-Audit provides comprehensive services regarding taxation in the Russian Federation:

  • tax audit including legal due diligence of business contracts to determine actual tax liabilities, identify and assess tax risks of transactions:
    • general analysis of taxation elements of an economic entity,
    • analysis of applicable tax regulations,
    • tax analysis of existing economic relations,
    • analysis of economic relations under effective agreements and planned transactions and their effect on the company's tax burden in the future,
    • minimization of negative consequences of tax payer’s errors,
    • analysis of completed transactions to identify tax risks: short-lived companies, related party transactions, transfer contracts, operations with non-residents, tax agent functions,
    • checking to see if tax statement form was filled in correctly, tax registers are kept correctly, primary documents for tax reporting (invoices, reports, contracts, bills of lading, etc.) were issued correctly,
    • verification of tax calculations (VAT, personal income tax, income tax, property tax, insurance fees, land tax, transport tax),
    • assessment of the effect of significant tax risks, unaccounted and potential tax liabilities on transaction cost,
  • consulting regarding application of Russian laws on taxes and levies, application of tax regulations and international tax treaties;
  • consulting regarding relations with tax authorities, representation of clients before tax authorities during tax control operations including those being made during on-site and in-house taxation audits:
    • supporting taxpayers at all stages of a taxation audit,
    • consulting in the process of taxation audit,
    • preparation of written complaints on audit reports of tax authorities,
    • direct participation of our specialists upon review of taxation audit materials in the tax authority prior to making a decision in imposing tax liability,
    • refining, expanding and supplementing evidence prior to consideration of a tax dispute in court,
    • appealing decisions of tax authorities based on results of on site or in house taxation audits:
      • as an appeal,
      • with higher-ranking tax authorities,
      • representation of clients’ interests during settlement of tax claims in any arbitration courts including preparation of statements, additions to statements, responses, additions to statements, explanations of the party, appeal, cassation and other complaints and additions,
  • preparation of legal opinions and/or recommendations regarding specific legal tax problems of clients;
  • preparation of requests to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Federal Tax Service and its regional administrations regarding application of laws on taxes and levies;
  • consulting regarding accounting.