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Investment Project Development

It is a development of a comprehensive strategy for financing a business department and a company as a whole. Its foundation is a detailed market analysis, forecasting of production and sales as well as capital structure. The goal of investment project development is to give an answer to the question: how attractive is the project in the current market conditions?

Investment project development ensures demand creation and defining a potential capacity of sales markets, understanding key factors underlying the project and gives a detailed description of an investment project satisfying the needs of project participants.
  • pre-project analysis: preparation of a detailed model of business development, construction prospects or other projects;
  • business plan development: descriptive and financial part according to requirements of state authorities and credit organizations;
  • assistance in attracting financing: collection and preparation of documents according to requirements of state authorities and credit organizations, protection of the borrower’s interests in state authorities and credit organizations, assistance with searching for direct investors, etc.;
  • project management: comprehensive services which in addition to the above include arranging for tenders to hire design and contracting organizations, selection of the general contracting organization as well as other measures to comply with the customer's interests at all stages of project development.