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Legal Services

From the very beginning, legal support of businesses has been one of our primary activities. That's how we started. Our attorneys provide a wide range of services in taxation, administrative and civil law. Tax disputes are our specialty.

Legal reports prepared by MEF-Audit help assess legal and tax-related business risks objectively.

Our specialists have large experience working with government authorities helping them settle disputes subject to their vision. Legal reports by MEF-Audit regarding application of laws and other complex situations arising in activities of Russian and foreign organizations help objectively assess business legal and tax risks.

Our legal experts consult on applications of various areas of the Russian laws, draft contracts in maximum compliance with our clients’ requirements, analyze the current state of affairs and offer the optimum corporate and contract regulation system for a separate business or a holding company.

Taxation audit:

  • protection of taxpayers at all stages of tax audit: upon in-house and taxation audits, cross audits, surveys of corporate taxpayer’s managers and employees, inspection of premises, arrest of documentation, etc.;
  • consulting clients in the process of a taxation audit to minimize potential negative consequences;
  • development of legal views and preparation of written objections to taxation audit reports;
  • representation of taxpayers during review of tax audit materials in the tax authority prior to making a decision on exacting tax liabilities;
  • refining, expanding and supplementing evidence prior to consideration of a tax dispute in court;
  • appealing a decision on exacting a tax liability by way of an appeal including preparation of a petition for appeal and participation in its consideration;
  • developing a legal standpoint, preparation of a statement and representation of taxpayers in arbitration courts when appealing against decisions on imposing tax liabilities, decisions to suspend operations on bank accounts, decisions to seize property, requests to pay taxes and other acts of tax authorities.

Representation in court:

  • defending clients in any arbitration courts during tax, administrative, civil and labor disputes;
  • conducting cases in international arbitration courts;
  • preparation of statements, additions to statements, responses, additions to responses, explanations of a party, appeal, cassation and supervisory complaints and any additions to such complaints.

Consultations, Negotiations and Drafting Contracts:

  • verbal and written consultations regarding application of various laws including civil, tax, administrative, labor law, etc.;
  • representation of a client’s interests in business negotiations;
  • drafting civil law contracts, appendices and additional agreements to such contracts;
  • drafting foreign economic contracts;
  • drafting company’s internal documents, labor contracts and other documents (orders, regulations, guidelines).