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MEF-Audit carries out professional activities in the market of appraisal services according to requirements of Russian laws in appraisal activities, federal and international appraisal standards as well as appraisal standards, business and professional ethics of self-regulating organizations. MEF-Audit follows an internal standard Appraisal Quality Control based on international and federal appraisal standards.

MEF-Audit provides a full range of services for independent appraisal of any property and property rights, cost consulting and business planning for project financing.

MEF-Audit is accredited by the Association of Russian Masters of Appraisal, Credit Bank of Moscow, TransCreditBank, TransCapitalBank, the Russian Auction House and the Saint Petersburg Property Fund.

The specialists of the appraisal and investment project department are accredited at the Saint Petersburg City Property Management Committee and are members of leading self-regulating organizations of appraisers including the Russian Society of Appraisers. They have experience working with the Russian Board of Appraisers. Our specialists have degrees from leading universities in the country (Plekhanov Russian Economic Institute, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Higher School of Economics) in Assessment of Enterprises (Businesses) and hold advanced training certificates from the International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting, the Professional Appraisal Institute at the Financial Academy of the Russian Government, and take advanced training courses including in the framework of Vnesheconombank’s educational project Investments in Development Projects.

MEF-Audit has extensive experience in appraising any assets. We received positive reports of highly respected self-regulating organizations based on an independent review of appraisal reports. We have successfully presented our appraisal reports to state authorities. We have experience in assessing foreign assets. Our team provides competitive advantages in negotiations regarding the price, investing capital on optimum terms and enhancing the investment appeal of your business.

Appraisal results may be used by the parties for determining a price of transaction or other actions regarding the appraisal object (purchase and sale, lease, insurance, loans, for taxation purposes, in financial reporting, upon reorganization and privatization of enterprises, in property disputes, in making management decisions and in other cases).

A report is prepared based on appraisal with a professional appraiser’s opinion regarding the appraisal object’s value.

Appraisal types: