Business Community

MOOSS Union SRO (Self-Regulatory Organization “Interregional Union of Special Construction Companies”) is the first builders’ SRO registered in Russia. Over the last eight years, the Union has demonstrated reliability, a conservative compensation fund management policy and a thorough background check of every new member. Together with a careful expert examination by the specialists, this ensures a stable growth of the organization and long-lasting membership of the leading industry representatives. MOOSS Union SRO is a member of the Russian Builders’ Union and is recommended by NOSTROY (National Builders’ Union) as an operator authorized to enter specialists into the National Specialist Register. Rostekhnadzor carries out the state supervision of the Union’s operations in the construction area and maintenance of the register of self-regulated organizations.
Single-industry City Development Fund
In 2014, the Russian President Vladimir Putin together with the Government of the Russian Federation set a strategic goal to enable the development of the Russian single-industry cities and towns via diversification of their economy, creation of new jobs and attraction of investment. Thus, the Fund mission is to assist in development of infrastructure and diversification of economy of single-industry cities and towns in order to stabilize their social and demographic, and economic status. The creation of new jobs in single-industry cities with the most difficult social and economic conditions, as well as the attraction of investment via implementation of infrastructure and investment projects are the main goals of the Fund. The main tasks of the Fund are to build a recruitment policy, co-finance the expenses of the RF subjects and municipal structures for the purposes of implementation of construction and reconstruction of facilities necessary for commissioning of new investment projects.