PKF International has conducted an international conference on assurance and accounting issues


The event took place in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, alongside an international tax conference, giving the participants more networking opportunities during the sessions dedicated to general issues, such as assurance, guarantees and taxes.
PKF International provided the conference participants an opportunity to assess its latest initiatives and progress achieved to date. Assurance Strategy Group, one of PKF departments, delivered a presentation on the future of assurance projects and their development. The question-and-answer session was an important part of the event, giving the delegates an opportunity to formulate their main steps in the development of this direction.
Representatives of the UK Financial Reporting Council also shared their views on the future of audit services. The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) shared again its current and future projects. This year PKF International was proud to present IAASB as a session organizer, giving the delegates an opportunity to talk directly to the regulator.
The PKF consulting group responsible for risk management described its present and future achievements. Its presentation spanned two sessions, one dealing with internal audit and sales of the respective services, the other being dedicated to the current trends in risk advisory, its threats and opportunities.
The international tax conference was dedicated to transfer pricing, taxation changes taking place in Russia and China, issues related to VAT, MLI, OECD-EU joint initiatives and precedent law from the viewpoint of the European Court.
The tax discussion was held during the session related to high technologies and database analysis, as it was dedicated to a discussion of robotics and automation of accounting processes presented by PKF India.
The event was completed with an EMEI regional training, detailing the topics of technical development, business process optimization and reengineering.
The delegates visited the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh where the gala dinner was held, the Edinburgh Castle (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the famous Royal Mile, for a first-hand introduction to the history and culture of Scotland.