PKF EMEI Regional Meeting took place in Sofia


The EMEI Regional Meeting 2018 took place from 2-4 May in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Delegates from 34 countries in the EMEI region and visitors from China came together as the PKF family. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss our profession and the ever-changing environment of member firms.
Key to the success of a firm are its people and technology. Our guest speaker, William Johnson, opened the mind of the audience to help them better understand how decisions for selecting or de-selecting a certain service are being made. To adapt to the changing environment, member firms must set themselves apart from the competition through the service they offer their clients. We need to be flexible to adjust to the client's needs. This requires us to get close to our clients and listen to their needs to build a long-lasting relationship of trust. 

Both member firms and their clients need to get ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect in late May 2018. Ian Singer from PKF Littlejohn gave useful tips on how firms can address GDPR requirements and how to embed them in the firm's approach towards cyber protection. 

The PKFI team provided updates on new member firms within the EMEI region. We welcomed to the PKF family: PKF Macedonia, PKF T.R. Upadhya, PKF Croatia, PKF Azerbaijan, PKF L'Alliance Revision and PKF Audit & Conseil adding coverage to Macedonia, Moscow, Nepal, Azerbaijan and Luxembourg.

Once the meeting had ended, guests enjoyed some Bulgarian folklore, an impressive gala dinner and a tricky, while amusing, treasure hunt to explore the city of Sofia and its Roman origins. All in all, a very successful meeting.