Tax consulting

For 18 years, PKF MEF-Audit has been providing tax consulting services for Russian and foreign companies, and collaborates closely with the regulator and professional community.

PKF MEF-Audit has successfully forged a team of skilled specialists, which has been confirmed by RAEX’s annual Tax Consulting rankings.

Налоговый консалтинг

Our services include:

  • Tax structuring: analysis of group risks, assistance in building an optimal holding/financial group structure.
  • Consulting on the application of tax treatment in international treaties.
  • Consulting on complex methodological aspects of application of the Russian tax law.
  • Consulting on transfer pricing, controlled foreign companies, etc.
  • Legal due diligence of business contracts to establish actual tax liabilities.
  • Tax reporting audit: identification and appraisal of tax risks, tax assets, verification of financial information and documents.
  • Consulting on the explanations of the tax law by Russian Ministry of Finance, Russian Federal Tax Service and its regional divisions.

Our company in the global network:

Since joining PKF International, we have been a part of a global tax consulting service. Thanks to our membership in the international accounting network, we can answer any of our clients’ questions related to taxation in each particular country. Our approach is based on the “one-stop shop” method, enabling our clients to resolve all issues connected with the operations of the group’s foreign companies through PKF MEF-Audit’s Moscow office. It covers both one-time consultations and the development of strategies to be used on a global scale.

Мы в глобальной сети PKF

Our services within the global network:

  • Advice on the tax legislation of foreign countries.
  • Advice on national (VAT, corporate, income tax, etc.) and local taxes in each particular country.
  • Advice on investment incentives in each particular country.
  • Development of a strategy for opening a permanent representative office in a foreign state, explanation concerning tax liabilities.
  • Advice on obtaining grants from the European Union and other states.
  • Development of a tax strategy for setting up and financing joint ventures, merger or de-merger of foreign companies, investments or exits, acquisitions, entrance to or exit from foreign markets.
  • Tax and accounting support: relations with local tax authorities (correspondence, participation in tax control activities, etc.), filling in tax returns, advice on tax calculation.
  • Advice on transfer pricing: development of a tax policy in accordance with OECD standards (BEPS recommendations), as well as local laws; preparation of respective documentation (surveys, reports), preparation of pricing agreements, etc.
  • Local, regional, and global tax disputes.
  • Tax structuring: analysis of the company’s existing structure, development of the new structure layout in accordance with the OECD recommendations.

Cooperating with PKF International, you benefit from greater assurance and control, high-quality communications, adequate pricing, as well as risk-resilient BEPS reports. In this case, your company’s tax policy will retain stability and will not be vulnerable to short-term changes. We will be pleased to provide a 360-degree view of the solution to your problem, which, in particular, will help you reduce the effective profit tax rate or recover excessive tax payments. Our services are provided in compliance with tax laws effective in all countries across the world. In view of the global geographical reach, unlimited labor resources, and a wide range of services, our clients receive the opportunity to resolve all issues through a one-stop shop.

Klara Valentina Vorobyeva
Klara Valentina Vorobyeva
Head of Tax Advisory
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